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2010-08-09 14:37:18 by Rawing

Newgrounds has been added to my list of "user-unfriendly companies/sites/games/...". Congratulations NG.

If you're wondering why... you're lucky.

Admins don't respond to messages, M-Bot and his fellows send uber-intelligent messages like "You have been unscouted from the art portal!", (forum) rules are partly plain stupid. These are just some of my problems with NG. I'll keep using this damn site for finding music, but that's it. For my art, visit

As I see it, there are two ways for NG to be removed from my list.
1) Admins start thinking about other users.
2) Server crashes and NG dies a painful death.

I'd prefer the first solution, but I guess it'll rather be the second one. Bye-Bye, NG.

What Newgrounds has done to my life

2008-11-06 13:07:08 by Rawing

It's killing me. Really. How could I EVER listen to all those good songs here?? It makes me crazy. I can't remember all my favorites any more. I can't stop checking out new stuff, anyway. But, how will this end? Guess it's goin to end when I die. :/ (Suicide doesn't sound acceptable :D ) Three more sentences: If you read this ( :P ) close your browser and shut down your PC. Forget about Newgrounds. You won't be able to, but, hell, I wanted to save your life from being like mine.

PS: All my art can be found here in higher quality (higher resolution, but still jpg coz of a limitation to file size. How does 9,000,000px² and jpg fit together??? jpg just ruins everything. oh well)